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We offer a variety of IV Therapy's. Check out our IV menu and see what's best for your needs!


We offer a variety of booster shots. Check out our menu and see what's best for your needs!


We offer all IVs for $149. Mobile IVs will be a $50 charge per visit. All IVs are administered by a highly qualified RN. Discounts offered on group rates.

promotional offers

We offer gift cards, membership options and packages for our clients.  To purchase a gift card please click the Promotional Offers button.

membership & packages


Our membership is a one year membership. You are billed $119 a month, each month for 12 months. You get one IV free per month and 10 percent off every purchase, including additional IVs, add-ons, or booster shots. You are allowed to choose any IV you want for your free IV. You will also receive one free shot of B12 per month, this must be administered at time you receive your IV. You may receive your B12 as a shot or add on to the IV for free.

membership term

The membership is for 12 months and cannot be cancelled. Your credit card will be kept on file and charged every month. At the end of the 12 months if you would like to renew please contact us, as we will not auto-renew any membership.

This membership is a one year contract and unable to be cancelled. Free monthly IV, B12 shot, and discount cannot be shared or transferred.

iv package

Buy 4 IVs for $525 or 8 for $975.

Packages must be prepaid and and can be used any time and do not expire. These IVs must be booked by the person who purchases the packages, however they are allowed to use multiple IVs from their package for different people if they accommodate them to the facility. The package is non-transferrable.

3 keys to iv therapy

At Activate IV we believe IV therapy has a three prong approach to everyday life.


By actively administering nutrients through your blood stream you will maximize your chances to prevent any vitamin deficiencies which could prevent illness, fatigue and weakness.


Regularly taking IV therapy can help you in several ways. It will help you maintain natural energy, keep a strong immune system and stay properly hydrated.


If you had a grueling work out, a tough weekend with the children, a long night partying, are suffering from jet lag, or even just had a long day and you feel tired, IV therapy can help you instantly recover.

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If you have any special requests for IV service please contact us. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and answer your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.